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Kitchen Renovations in Calgary AB

With Budget Handyman, you can hire a skilled handyman to complete your kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, foundation repairs, flooring installations, home automation installations, and more! Our home repair and renovation experts are available to homeowners in the Calgary AB area 24/7, so take advantage of our weekend hours and free consultations and estimates.

Kitchen Countertop Installation

Hire the renovation professionals at Budget Handyman for a kitchen renovation in your Calgary AB home if your kitchen isn’t as functional, attractive, or spacious as you’d like it to be. The renovation specialists at Budget Handyman are experienced in kitchen countertop installations, and many homeowners include the installation of laminate, tile, granite, or butcher-block countertops in their kitchen renovations.

Take a look at the following characteristics of common countertop materials to determine which material is right for your kitchen renovations:

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Kitchen cabinet installations are also included in many Calgary AB homeowners’ kitchen renovations. You’ll want to select a kitchen cabinet material that suits your interior design style, budget, and preferences, so consider having your renovation specialists from Budget Handyman install cabinets made from materials such as hardwood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), particleboard, and plywood.

Homeowners select hardwood kitchen cabinets if their budgets allow because this natural material contains unique textures, colours, and grain patterns. Hardwood is durable, and dents, stains, water marks, and scratches are easy to repair. MDF is an affordable composite material made from recycled fibers, wax, and resin, and it’s fairly durable. Particleboard is created from recycled wood products and a layer of laminate or wood veneer. It’s affordable, but it doesn’t hold up well when exposed to moisture. Homeowners that value moisture resistance and affordability choose plywood. It’s created by layering wood at alternating right angles and fusing them together with glue, pressure, and heat, and it resists denting and sagging.

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