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Commercial Construction in Calgary AB

Budget Handyman offers commercial construction services such as drywall, separation wall, shelving, equipment, and machinery installations to Calgary AB business owners. Along with superb customer service, our clients have access to professional expertise and 24/7 emergency services.

Drywall Installation

If you require a drywall installation as part of your commercial renovations, reach out to the commercial construction experts at Budget Handyman to schedule this service. Our handyman company will make sure that the new drywall in your commercial building doesn’t show any signs of cracking, bubbling, or blistering after application.

The time it takes to complete a commercial drywall installation depends on several factors, including the size and height of the walls and ceilings, temperature and humidity, amount of ventilation, and number of doors, windows, cabinets, and outlets.

Separation Walls

Our commercial construction specialists can install separation walls to improve the insulation and fire resistance in your commercial building. Separation walls are designed to reduce sound transmission and prevent the spread of fire throughout wall structures. Benefits of separation walls include their thin profile, lightweight construction, affordable cost, and fast installation.

Acoustic Separation Walls

Hire the commercial construction professionals at Budget Handyman for an acoustic separation wall installation in your Calgary AB commercial building if you want to limit sound transmission throughout your business or warehouse. Installing acoustic separation walls will reduce noise disturbance, elevate acoustic performance, and increase privacy within your commercial property.


If your warehouse, restaurant, or office requires commercial shelving units, our handyman company can install shelving during your commercial renovations. As you plan your renovation project, choose from different types of shelving, such as wire shelving, steel shelving, and rivet shelving. Wire shelving allows for visibility and ventilation, steel shelving is inexpensive, versatile, and durable, and rivet shelving offers easy assembly and versatility.

Equipment & Machinery Installation

If you require specialized equipment and machinery for your business operations, Budget Handyman can help you install this equipment and machinery. Using proper safety protocols and professional techniques, our commercial construction specialists will make sure that the equipment is installed correctly and that it functions properly.

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