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Commercial Renovations in Calgary AB

The commercial construction specialists at Budget Handyman can accomplish commercial renovations in your Calgary AB restaurant, office, or warehouse. With the expertise of our handyman company, you’ll be able to transform your commercial building to improve operations and fit the needs of your customers and employees.

Restaurant Renovations

You might be in need of commercial renovations for your Calgary AB restaurant if you want to tailor the design of the building to suit your customers’ demographics. Depending on your customer base’s demographics, certain renovations will be more appropriate than others. You can also alter your restaurant’s interior according to customer feedback regarding the building’s layout or colour palette.

Office Renovations

When renovating your office, you might want to hire a handyman to make adjustments to the layout to spark creativity and improve productivity in your employees. An open layout has become popular because it allows employees to communicate with each other freely and collaborate on projects effectively. You can also incorporate places of leisure for your employees to unwind during lunch and breaks. Consider adding a lounge, dining area, or fitness center so that employees have a designated place to reduce stress and anxiety so that they can focus on their work throughout the day.

Warehouse Renovations

Before you begin renovating your warehouse, make sure that you consider any usage laws and zoning regulations that might hinder your design plans. Researching the codes and standards for your warehouse operations beforehand will make the renovation process easier. Additionally, you should determine how many changes you want to make to the space because the greater the extent of the commercial renovations, the costlier the project will be. Your handyman will make sure that local building and fire safety codes are adhered to and that your floor plan is adjusted according to new key features that you’re adding to the warehouse.

Appliance Installations

If you need to replace kitchen appliances in your Calgary AB restaurant or commercial building, hire the renovation specialists at Budget Handyman to perform appliance installations during commercial renovations. Our experienced team can install your new commercial refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, oven, grill, food warming appliance, or dishwasher. During installation, your handyman will level and center the appliance, connect it to a waterline if appropriate, and remove and dispose of the packaging material.

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